Who we are and What we are all about!

Please allow us to welcome you to our site and we hope to see you dining with us in Punta Cana very soon!  We are from America and we moved here to take advantage of a stress free way of life.  Of course, we got bored very quickly and decided to do what we have always wanted to do... open up a Bar and Grill!  We started out WAY off the beaches in Coco Loco and everyone told us we were crazy!  Well, after serving over 300 people a day at our height... Not only were we a huge success... we were down right tired!!!  Still a bit crazy, we decided to scale back and try a different approach.  No longer open seven days a week, we are only open for lunch... and what a lunch it is!

We feature a wide array of Good Eats!  Missing the taste of American food?  Fear not weary traveler... we did too, when we first got here!  But "Down Home" cooking is our specialty!  Nothing beats Fat Tony's secret recipe pulled pork!  How about a side of Angelique's famous macaroni and cheese?  Try our stuffing, with fresh veggies on the side!  Homestyle gravy on those garlic mashed?  Sorry no diet food here!!!  We also offer the World Famous Philly Cheesesteaks!  If you have never had one, you are in for a real treat!  Best of all, all of our dishes are made fresh every day... no prepackaged food here!  We buy everything locally and prepare it on site!  Here's the real kicker... we deliver!  To anywhere in Punta Cana!  Want Philly cheese steaks on the beach... DONE!  Mamma's home made meat loaf with brown gravy and garlic mashed on the terrace in your Hotel room... DONE!  Roasted chicken with all the fixings delivered to your office door... DONE!  We will take care of everything!  Browse our new menu and give us a call at 829-915-1144... You ring... WE bring!

See You All Soon!                                       Anthony & Angelique

We speak English, Spanish and French so don't be shy!

Oh yeah... about the name... Fat Tony's?  Yeah, I hear ya... I don't look fat right?  Well, my wife Angelique told me once... only a dog wants a bone right when she fed me her macaroni and cheese for the first time!  Well, everyone has to have goals, right?  So join me as I work on growing my waistline, in beautiful Punta Cana... No diet food here... JUST GOOD EATS!

Secret Recipe pulled pork Delivered to the beach! 


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